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A Lot of Hot Air

In April, 2008, Andrew Dahl, age 13, of Blaine, WA, set a new record. The feat: he blew up 213 balloons with his nose in one hour's time.

It was a family affair. Andrew would bring a new balloon to his nose, plug one nostril, and exhale through the open nostril until the balloon was inflated, and then tie it off. His father, Doug, was the official in charge of measuring the balloons to ensure they met the minimum diameter of 20 centimeters (about 8 inches), while Andrew's mother, Wendy, kept a tally of the "large-enough" balloons.

Two months earlier, Andrew had tried to set the record as well. He sent a videotape of himself inflating 184 balloons to Guinness office, but they negated his record because he had not tied the balloons himself. This time it was done offically, with multiple cameras and a handful of witnesses.

Andrew said the task of tying 213 balloons was as demanding as inflating them. At one point, he had to stop the process so his dad could put a Band-Aid on his bleeding finger, caused by tying so many balloons.

On September 16, 2008, Andrew broke his own record while performing the feat on the nationally-televised Live with Regis and Kelly. He inflated 308 balloons in one hour (search for a video on this list or on this list...both with a commericial).

Question: If Andrew had blown up a single spherical balloon equal in volume to the 308 balloons, what would be its diameter?

Note: We need to pair Andrew with Anastasia, the dog holding the world record for breaking 100 balloons in 53.7 seconds (set March 8, 2008).