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Sum of Area of All Walmarts = Size of Manhattan?

Look at this slide from an on-line presentation...and consider the implications. You can make up your own questions to explore, such as the one suggested in the title.

Note 1: Sorry the graphic is so large, but when I tried to reduce it in size, it lost clarity.

Note 1: G,H. (Vancouver, WA) adds thse comments regarding this graphic: I hate the graph of the acreage of WalMart. The height (depth?) of each store's graph should be the same so the comparisons are fair. Those curves are also misleading- they make it harder to compare than using rectangles like a regular bar graph. I know, I know, focus on the numbers... but the average American can be easily swayed by poorly constructed graphs. Besides- there is only one number on the y-axis and two on the x-axis- very hard to make comparisons.

Source: http://awesome.goodmagazine.com/transparency/007/trans007storespace.html