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Tired Argument Tried

Consider this dialogue from a cartoon published in The Chicago Tribune in 1959...

A young boy, holding a book, tells his mother: "Today my heart beat 101,368 times; my blood traveled 168,000,000 miles; I breathed 22,839 times; I inhaled 430 cubic feet of air, and exercised 7,000,000 brain cells....so I'm too tired to do homework."

Question 1: Do these numbers make sense for a young boy (assume middle school age)? Use the internet as a resource...as some of these numbers sound "fishy."

Question 2: Assume that the middle-school boy was replaced by a middle-aged man. What would be the relevant data values now...i.e. would they be greater or less?

Source: Adapted from The Arithmetic Teacher, February 1959, p. 48.