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Where's the Media Pyramid When You Need It?

In its August (2009) issue, Wired noted that the average American adult spends about 9 hours daily in front of some technology screen (e.g. computer, phone, television, etc.). Then on the premise that "quality is as important as quantity" in one's media diet, daily techno-nutritional guidelines were suggested:

  • 1 hour playing computer games
  • 1.25 hours socially-networking using Facebook/MySpace/etc.
  • 0.75 hours microblogging (e.g. Twittering)
  • 2.5 hours collecting news via media, devoting 1.5 hours to traditional on-line news resources and 1 hour special blogs or media aggregators
  • 3.5 hours being entertained, devoting 1 hour to podcasts, 1 hour to on-line video such as YouTube, and 1.5 hours to standard DVD/TV
Use this unusual nutritional guide to monitor your use of media. Are you well-balanced technologically?

One nagging thought...when does one work? And if one uses technology at work, will that upset their media diet?

Source: Wired, August 2009