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Planes, Trees, and Swallows?

So much numerical data exists...That is, we are surrounded by numerical data...and where there is numerical data, there are opportunities to create mathematical problems.

Consider these pieces of interesting numerical data provided by AAA:

  • 218.5 is the length, in feet, of the Hughes Flying Boat H-4 (i.e. Spruce Goose) that was flown only once after its completion in 1947
  • 239.5 is the length, in feet, of the Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger airplane that began service in 2007
  • 63.4 is the circumference, in feet, of the largest tree in the Olympic National Forest
  • 102.6 is the circumference, in feet, of General Sherman, the largest of the giant sequoias in California
  • 6,000 is the distance, in miles, traveled by the famous cliff swallows that migrate each spring from Goya, Argentina, to Mission San Juan Capistrano in California
  • 30 is the number, in days, it takes for the swallows to complete their annual journey.
There seems to be a underlying connection between all of these numbers. Using these interesting gems of "trivia" data, your task is to write (and solve) new problems. Share them with others and compare your respective creative slants.

Source: "Our World in Numbers," AAAJourney, March/April 2009, p. 11