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Homage to My Square Cousins Will and Darlene

Western square dance is a folk dance with eight dancers (four couples) arranged in a geometric square whose sides are "couples." At the start, Couple 1 faces away from the music and dances counter-clockwise until it is next to Couple 4. Couples 1 and 3 are the "head couples," while Couples 2 and 4 are the "side couples."

A square dance caller directs the square dance by calling out a sequence of individual square dance calls (e.g. Dosado, Promenade, and Right and Left Grands integrated with a musical beat) that causes the couples to make a figure or sequence within their square.

Enough description...now onto the data. The first Annual National Square Dance Convention was held in 1951. At its heyday, 40,000-plus square dancers attended this convention, while now only about 6,000 dancers attend.

Question: In its heyday, if all of the square dancers were on the same floor at once, what was the size of "the single large floor" needed to provide ample space for movement?

Note 1: You will have to first figure out the approximate size of a square needed for four couples...and remember some room is needed to move in/out, back/forward, right/left, etc.

Note 2: My cousins Will and Darlene square-danced for forty+ years...and even were the co-organizers for the National Convention in its hey day. They would show me pictures of all of the dancers on one floor at one time...so it is possible!