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Bitz of Ritz Blitz

Ritz Crackers is celebrating its 75th Anniversary, amidst some interesting data:

  • The crackers are called Ritz after the hotel Ritz-Carlton to conjure up images of wealth and glamour
  • The first Ritz crackers were sold on November 21st, 1934, and in that first year, they sold approximately 40 crackers for each American
  • As the crackers were an instant hit in Europe, many men would take chocolate-box shaped boxes of Ritz Crackers to propose to their girlfriends
  • Americans buy more boxes of the Original Ritz cracker than any other cracker
  • Approximately 22.5 billion Ritz crackers are sold annually
  • 1 out of 3 home pantries include a box of Ritz crackers
  • Each Original Ritz cracker has 7 holes and 46 scallops around its edges
Task 1: Estimate the number of Ritz crackers sold thus far (1934-Present Date).

Question 1: If stacked in a single pile, would they reach the moon?

Question 2: If arranged in concentric circles, what would be the diameter? Would the total area cover the State of Washington?

Question 3: If laid end to end around the earth's equator, how many freeway lanes could be constructed?