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Resolution: I Will Walk 50 Miles Every Month

This well-intentioned resolution (aimed at retirees) for the new year can be implemented by walking each day for one-half hour at the pace of 3.5 mph.

In turn, these are the associated outcomes of the resolution:

  • Get fit: Increase aerobic capacity by 19%, increase physical function by 25%, and decrease risk of disability by 41%
  • Save on annual medical bills: $3300 for normal weight retiree
  • Improve cardiovascular health: 32% lower risk of heart disease, 33% lower risk of stroke, and 71% lower risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • Fight cancer: 18% lower risk of breast cancer, 31% lower risk of colon cancer, and 33% higher survial rate for all forms
  • Lose weight: 150 calories for each walk, or 1.3 pounds monthly, or 15.6 pounds yearly
  • Accelerate recovery: 47% reduction in depression symptoms, and shorten healing of skin wounds by 10 days
  • Battle degenerative disease: 40% lowere risk of Alzheimers, 46% lower risk of arthritis, and 0% loss of bone density
Hey...this sounds so great, I will walk at this pace for one hour, which should then mean I double all of these statistics!

Your Task (between walks): Investigate how statistics and relationships such as these are computed.

Source: "Power of 50," AARP Bulletin, January-February 2009, p. 43