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A Lot of Hot Air

John Cassidy is qute normal...in fact he regularly shops at Costco. But, as a balloon artist, he holds many Guinness world records:

  • Most balloon sculptures completed in one hour: 747
  • Most modeling balloons inflated in one hour: 717
  • Most balloon sculptures in one minute: 13
  • Fastest balloon dog: 6.5 seconds
Question 1: Assuming he can work at a constant rate, how many balloon dogs should John be able to make in one minute? one hour?

Question 2: Given his record, how many balloons can John inflate in one minute? Also, what is the average length of time it takes him to inflate one balloon?

Question 3: When inflating 717 balloons in one hour, what volume of air is "trapped"?

Source: The Costco Connection, October 2008, p. 68