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Charity Burger Re-Eaten!

To begin the school year, I am reprinting a "classic" Statistic from 3/18/2007...as an example of what you will find in the Archives....

Sounds like a nightmare on an upset stomach. Imagine a hamburger that features an 80-pound beef patty, covered by a pound each of lettuce, ketchup, relish, mustard and mayonnaise...then 160 slices of cheese, 5 onions, and 12 tomatoes...all topped with 2 pounds of banana peppers. All of this sandwiched into a sliced 30-pound bun, garnished with 33 pickles on larger toothpicks.

The price for such a gem: $379...and it must be ordered 3-days in advance.

This Charity Burger was the inspiration of Denny Leigey (on far right in picture) and prepared on February 26, 2007, by Dennys Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, PA. It supposedly beats the old world record of 105 pounds, held by resturants in New Jersey and Thailand.

To cook the burger, the restaurant had special molds and stainless steel pans made at a local fabricating shop at a cost of $500. The hamburger meat patty was cooked overnight for 6-8 hours in an oven, using a special heat shield because the oven door would not close.

In his blog about this great event, Eric Goldman writes: "...the escalating burger wars may spark a new variant of Moore's law by doubling the poundage every 2 years. In 2036 we'll be talking about the Galaxy burger which weighs more than all of the matter in our galaxy."

Question #1: Based on the price of The Charity Burger, what should be the price of a McDonald's Quarterpounder?

Question #2: Is Eric Goldman's blog statement accurate? That is, if the size of the world record burger doubled in pounds every 2 years, what would be its weight in 2036?