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Give Me Those Old-Time Spoonerisms!

See Joe Allison, age 9, holding 16 spoons:

See Joe now, a record holder, who will appear on the TV show Britain's Got Talent:

After setting the record, Joe said: "The spoons just stick on and I don't really know how....It's something I can do easily and I know I'll make 17 one day but I'll probably have to wait until I grow a bit so there's some more space on my forehead."

Question 1: Why would someone want to do this?

Question 2: What percent of Joe's exposed skin is covered by the 16 spoons? If he sets records for 17, 18, ...n spoons in future days, what percent will be covered? To calculate the limit, how many spoons will equal 100% coverage?

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-555529/Boy-9-scoops-world-record-balancing-16-spoons-face.html#ixzz0OswXHfP1