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Do These Odds Still Hold True? #5

In 1996, odds were suggested for certain catastrophic events for each coming year:

  • Being struck by lightning
  • Being wiped out (with nearly everyone else on Earth) by a comet, meteor, or asteroid impact

Your Task: Match the above two catastrophic events with these risks(listed in a random order):

  • 1 in 20,000
  • 1 in 750,000
Do some research and justify your conclusions....and I bet that your original guess was wrong!

Note: The correct answer is that the lightning strike is less likely! And, you might want to re-consider the risk in terms of the efforts of the 13-year-old German boy named Nico Marquardt.

Source: "A Fistful of Risks," Discover, May 1996, p. 82-83