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Heavy Buzzing at Night

Imbictus International makes traps to catch mosquitos. The Taiwanese people are pestered greatly by the blood-sucking misquitoes. Thus, it is only natural that a contest be held.

Who could catch the most mosquitoes in a one-month period? The prize of $3000 attraced 72 contestants in the Taiwan area.

The winner: Huang Yu-yen, from southern Taiwan. She captured four million mosquitoes, weighing in at 1.5 kilograms. This amount was more than double the amount caught by the second-place finisher.

The expectation is that Huang will be recognized in the Guinness World Records as the world's leading mosquito killer.

Your Task: Estimate the "dead" weight of all of the mosquitoes in the world? (I know, by the time you come up with an estimate, another billion or so will have been born!)

Note: Estonia recently held a contest to determine who could capture the most mosquitoes in a 10 minute period. The 37 contestants (in groups of 1-3) were given a small rectangle of land......the captured mosquitoes could be dead or alive. The winner, Rauno Luksepp, captured 38 mosquitoes but was repeatedly bitten...but he did win the first prize of a sailing trip on Estonia's Lake Peipus. Watch the video.

Source: Metro Reporter, August 3, 2010