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Where Are The Three Bears When You Need Them?

To celebrate the annual Highland Games in Cupar, an attempt was made to brew the world's largest bowl of porridge.

At 5 am on a Saturday morning, the baking crew poured more than 175 pounds of Scott's Porage Oats into a specially-designed mixing bowl about 5 feet in depth and diameter.

Once local firefighters had added water to the bowl using hoses from their fire engine, the mix was left to cook for several hours....with occasional stirring.

To make it official, event officials had to sample to the porridge. However, the bulk of it was used as animal feed.

A new record had been set, putting the town of Cupar back on the map. Their bowl of porridge was more than four times the amount made in the previous record set by a firm in Manchester one year earlier.

Question: Assuming the Manchester crew also used a similar bowl, what would be its expected depth and diameter?

Source: Metro Reporter, July 5, 2010