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Texas vs. Nigeria: Let Them Eat Cake!

Twenty five years ago (February 1986), Texas celebrated 150 years of separation from Mexico.

An appropriate Texas-size cake was needed (not the one pictured)...

  • 93,108 eggs
  • 2,425 gallons of water
  • 647 gallons of cooking oil
  • 31,026 boxes of cake mix (Duncan Hines Yellow Cake Mix)
  • 30,000 pounds of vanilla icing, tinted blue and white
  • One Texas Lone Star to "grace" the center
  • 28 pastry cooks
  • 150 University of Texas students
The end result...20,000 three-pound sheets of cake, re-arranged into the world's largest three-layer cake. The cake was 80 feet by 110 feet and weighed 90,000 pounds after icing.

At the celebration, the cake served 300,000 people at $1.50 a slice. The money helped restore the Texas Capitol building.

Now, Nigeria is trying to beat this record, building a 65,000 kg cake in their National Stadium, Abuja. It will be a fruit cake, decorated in green and white colors...6 feet high and 100 feet long. Every state in Nigeria will receive one ton of the cake as part of the celebration.

Question 1: At 65,000 kg, is the Nigerian cake bigger than the Texas cake? Also, should "bigger" be measured by weight or volume?

Question 2: Applying the Texas cake's "recipe" to the Nigerian cake, determine the amount of eggs, water; cooking oil, cake mixes, and icing needed?