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After the Bubble Burst

On March 10 in the year 2000, the NASDAQ peaked at 5,048.62, roughly five times higher than todays value. Consider these changes since then:

  • U.S. Cell-Phone Market: Then (34%) vs. Now (89%)
  • Number of U.S. Daily Newspapers: Then (1480) vs. Now (1422)
  • Organic Food Sales: Then ($6.1 billion) vs. Now ($21.2 billion)
  • Percentage of U.S. that is Obese: Then (26%) vs. Now (34%)
  • Internet Users Worldwide: Then (360 million) vs. Now (1.7 billion)
  • No. 1 web Site: Then (AOL) vs. Now (Google)
  • No. 1 Search Engine: Then (Yahoo) vs. Now (Google)
  • worlds Richest Man: Then (Bill Gates) vs. Now (Bill Gates)
Your Task: Find other things that have changed in the past ten years. Also, submit them by e-mail and I will try to add them to the above list!

Source: Fast Company, March 2010, p. 26