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Measured Normality

Data gathered by Leila Green, research director for the Leo Burnett ad agency in Chicago, led to conclusions as to "normal" behaviour of Americans. I have turned it into a multiple choice type of situation.

  1. When alone, (men or women) are more prone to drink straight from a milk carton.
  2. When alone, (men or women) are more prone to eat ice cream right out of the container.
  3. (Men or women) are more likely to salt food without tasting it first.
  4. (Men or women) are more likely to squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle or the top.
  5. (Men or women) are more likely to wash their hair at the start of a shower.
  6. Men and women swear an average of (9, 16, or 25) times a day.
  7. (30%, 50%, or 70%) of men will open the car door for a woman.
  8. (34%, 56%, or 87%) of people will acknowledge a sneeze.
  9. (50%, 70%, or 90%) of people use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning.
  10. (5%, 10%, or 25%) of people slip into their shoes without untying them.
  11. (10%, 21%, or 32%) of people do not make their bed every day.
Your Task: Conduct surveys and interviews...determine which option is correct for each question.

Note: How will you know if you are right? First, that is statistics....you gather data to make an informed judgement. BUT, your sample/procedure may differ from Green's data. So, if you want to know if your answers agree with Green's conclusions (not the same as your "being right"), you will have to find an old copy of the Reader's Digest (October 1993, pp. 149-150)....or do a search for New York Magazine (March 1, 1993, pp. 24,26)...or send an e-mail to me.