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Play Jar Is Em Sir Veigh

The numbers from this survey are astounding....a solution is obvious: Make students sit on their hands during an exam. But wait, they could butt-dial!

  • 65% of teens say others in their schools cheat with cell phones
  • 52% of teens admitted to some form of cheating involving the Internet
  • 38% of teens have copied text from web sites and turned it in as their own work
  • 41% of teens say that storing and accessing notes on a cell phone during an exam is cheating
  • 45% of teens say texting friends about answers during exams is cheating
  • 76% of parents say cell phone cheating happens at their child's school...but just 3% say their child has cheated using a cell phone
  • 35% of teens with cell phones admit to cheating at least once with them
Sorry...no question to ask or problem to solve...as the source I copied this data from did not have a question or problem to copy....and with my cell phone at my side, I have forgotten how to think!

Also, consider this summary of student justifications: "Some students say that the lack of person-to-person contact in new 21st-century methods of cheating makes it harder for them to feel as if they're doing something wrong. Others see texting during tests simply as helping one another, as opposed to looking at someone else's paper during an exam, which they consider cheating."

Source: U.S. News and World Report, June 23, 2009