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Lego Legends

Brazil has built the world's largest Lego tower at 31.19 meters (102 feet), breaking the previous record set in Chile by 25 centimeters (9.8 inches). The first Lego tower was built in London in 1988 and stood just a little over 15 meters.

The last Lego bricks on the top of the tower were placed by Cafu, a former Brazilian football star, in a cherrypicker.

The Lego tower was built in the car park of a the Shopping Centre Norte. It took four days to construct, using more than 500,000 individual Lego pieces.

A side note: This new tower makes Sao Paolo the 44th city and Brazil the 32nd country with a completed Lego tower. Not sure what this means, as couldn't some kid playing at home with Legos build a two-brick high tower.

Many other Lego records exist, ranging from building large statues of historiacl people to building castles underwater. For a summary of all of the cities with Lego towers and exisiting Lego records, consult Lego World Records.

Question: what will be the height of the record tower in 2020, assuming that the data is linear? Exponential? How many Lego bricks will be used in each case?