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No Cheese for This Tasty Hamburger?

Many MathNEXUS pages have been devoted to the statistics of cooking large food items, especially hamburgers. One example is the Charity Burger.

A new record has been set...and even larger pending nightmares on an upset stomach. The record was established at the Alameda County Fair (CA) by Brett Enright of Phoenix and Nick Nicora, co-owners of Ovation Food Services. Their winning entry weighed in at 777 pounds with all the trimmings.

This new "World's Largest Hamburger" was five feet in diameter and three feet thick, involving enough beef equivalent to an entire cow. The condiments included 50 pounds of lettuce, 12 pounds of pickles, and 50 pounds of onions. The bun itself weighed 272 pounds and was 28 inches thick.

A ten-person crew cooked the giant burger patty on the world's largest barbecue, taking 13 hours. The grill is mounted on an 18-wheel, 72,000-pound truck. The bun, cooked by the Athens Baking Company, took 6 hours to bake.

One requirement for the hamburger to win the "largest" award is that it needed to be eaten by the public afterward. It was! About 500 observers at this Alameda Fair event purchased "bites" of the burger for 99 cents, with all proceeds being given to the Alameda County Community Food Bank. However, this amounted to only half of the hamburger being eaten.

As to nutritional value? The burger was estimated to have 1,375,000 calories. This is enough to feed one person for more than 22 months, though such a diet would be tiresome.

Want to watch a brief video about the production of this world-record hamburger? The video also details the amount of cheese involved.

Question #1: Based on the price of a "taste" of this record hamburger, what should be the price of a McDonald's Quarterpounder?

Question #2: How much catsup, mustard, and tomatoes would be required for this hamburger?