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New Fingernail Record Set!

Lee Redmond held the record. She decided to stop clipping and filing her fingernails in 1979. Then, 28 years later, she held the Guiness Book of World Record for the longest fingernails--a whopping 33 inches long.

BUT...after 3 years, Lee has been now replaced! The problem: She was in a bad car accident in 2009...she lived but all of her record-breaking finger nails were broken.

The new record holder is Christine "The Duchess" Walton, of Las Vegas. The nails on her right hand are 9 feet 7 inches and nails on her left hand are 10 feet 2 inches. That is a cummulative length of 19 feet 9 inches!

According to Christine, she has been carefully growing her nails for 18 years and now feels that "the effort and inconvenience have finally paid off."

Question: Based on documented growth rates for fingernails, is Christine telling the truth? Also, assuming no intervening problems, how long will her nails be in the year 2020? 2030? etc.