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Have It With Fries?

Many MathNEXUS pages have been devoted to the statistics of cooking large food items, especially hamburgers. Two examples are the Charity Burger or Alameda Burger.

A new record has been set this past fall (see above)...and even larger pending nightmares amidst upset stomachs. The new record was established at the Black Bear Casino Resort near Carlton, Minnesota. Their winning entry weighed in at 2,014 lb pounds with all the trimmings: 60 lb of bacon, 50 lb of lettuce, 50 lb of sliced onions, 40 lb of pickles and 40 lb of cheese.

This new "World's Largest Hamburger" was ten feet in diameter and quite thick! It took around four hours to cook, using a special outdoor oven involving propane torches. A crane had to be brought in to flip it over...then insert it into a 250 pound bun (took seven hours to cook). One requirement for a hamburger to win the "largest" award is that it needs to be eaten by the public afterward. It was...with the Casino inviting all participants to the Big Burger Bash....free burger slices!

As to nutritional value? The burger was estimated to have 4.1 million calories.

Want to watch a brief video about the production of this world-record hamburger? The video also details the cooking process.

Question #1: How much catsup, mustard, and tomatoes would be required for this hamburger?

Question #2: Based on its size, compare its nutritional value (in calories?) to a Big Mac or Burger King's quarter-pounder bacon double cheeseburger?