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Falafels vs. Hamburgers

Many MathNEXUS pages have been devoted to the statistics of cooking large food items, especially hamburgers. The recent example was the Carlton Black Bear Casino Burger.

Switching to another part of the world, a new record has been set this past fall (see above) for the world’s largest falafel. The new record was established by a team of ten chefs at the Landmark Hotel in Amman, Jordan.

The winning entry weighed in at 74.75 kilograms. It contained 80 kilograms of chickpeas, 5 kilograms of onions, 1.2 kilograms of garlic, and 2 kilograms of fresh parsley and coriander. The huge falafel ball was deep fried in 350 liters of vegetable oil....taking 25 minutes to fry. Being a popular Middle Eastern snack, the falafel was eventually served to 600 hotel guests.

Want to watch a brief video about the production of this world-record falafel? The video also shows the cooking process.

Question #1: How large of a Pita bread would be needed to hold this falafel?

Question #2: In comparison to a regular falafel, how many cucumbers and how much tahini-based sauce would be needed?