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Sports Galore That Never Bore

Consider these participation sports, presented in alphabetical order:

  • Bicycle riding
  • Billiards/Pool
  • Bowling
  • Camping
  • Exercise Walking
  • Exercising with Equipment
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Weightlifting
  • Workout at a Club
According to the National Sporting Goodsd Association, these are the greatest participation sports in the U.S. (based on people 7 years or older who participated more than once).

Order these sports according to their number of participants in 2008. The following number of participants may help:
No. 1: 86,000,000
No. 2: 58,000,000
No. 3: 54,200,000
No. 4: 46,000,000
No. 5: 45,400,000
No. 6: 43,300,000
No. 7: 43,100,000
No. 8: 37,300,000
No. 9: 35,500,000
No. 10: 34,700,000

Do you think this data is skewed because of the given age constraints or the requirement of merely "more than once"? Explain.

Would the ranking change if it was broken down by sex? Explain.

Would the ranking change if the data was international, rather than limited to the United States? Explain.

This data was from 2005. Do you think that other sports now would rank in the Top Ten? If yes, which and why? Or, has the Top Ten ordering changed relative to the sports already listed?

Source: Adapted from R. Ash's Top 10 of Everything: 2008