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Pack of Pets to Pet

Which country has the most pets per capita? Supposedly the total number of pets in the world is 1,532,585,800...but I have no idea as to how such a number is calculated...nor even how a "pet" is defined.

Consider these countries and their pet populations, presented in a Top 10 ordering (for those countries with data available):

  • USA: 344,334,000 pets
  • China: 307,116,400 pets
  • Japan: 81,181,000 pets
  • Germany: 76,642,000 pets
  • Brazil: 69,344,000 pets
  • France: 66,235,000 pets
  • Italy: 60,052,000 pets
  • Russia: 56,900,000 pets
  • United Kingdom: 47,700,000 pets
  • Philippines: 28,674,000 pets
Task 1: Search out the populations of these same countries, and then calculate the number or pets per person (or if more appropriate, the number of persons per pet).

Task 2: At the same time this data was gathered, it was reported that the number of pets in China had increased by 20% over a five year period. Determine the human population growth rate for a five year period in China to calculate wether or not the number or pets per person in China (or the number of persons per pet) also increased over the five year period.

Source: Adapted from R. Ash's Top 10 of Everything: 2008