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Time for Change is Now

The Claim: Yearly deaths from firearms will exceed yearly car fatalities (according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and reported by Bloomberg News).

Projected Data 1: The CDC estimates that auto-related deaths will fall to 32,000 in 2015. The "why" is based in fact that more motorists wear seat-belts and imposition of harsher penalties for drunk driving.

Projected Data 2: Deaths from firearms (includes suicides and accidents) are estimated to rise to 33,000 in 2015.

Note 1: Currently, 85 Americans are shot dead every day, about 53 of them in suicides. The projected figure of 33,000 is actually lower than 1993′s peak in gun deaths (37,666), but gun-related deaths have been increasing significantly since a low in 2000 (28,393).

Note 2: Based on FBI data, USA Today reports that 774 people were killed between 2006 and 2010 by a mass killer (i.e. someone who kills four or more people in one incident). Also, a mass killer strikes on average once every two weeks. Plus, one-third of the 156 mass killings did not involve firearms, but rather fire, knife or other weapon. Almost all of the mass killers in those years were men, and their average age was 32. Yet, the deaths caused by mass killers represented about 1 percent of all homicides between 2006 and 2010.

Your Task: Consider these sad statistics and predictions, then try to become an active force for change. Something needs to be done!