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I Choose "Not"

Consider the book Ripley's Believe It or Not! Encyclopedia of the Bizarre (2002). It is a source of interesting statistics...but "sometimes" I wonder about the claims being made!

Claim 1: A cow must consume over one hundred twenty-five pounds of food and water to produce one pound of butter. (p. 26)

Claim 2: A World Champion Cow: "Carnation Ormsby" averaged 50 quarts of milk and five pounds of butter each day for one year. (p.26)

Why do I choose the "Believe It Not" case for the juxtaposition of these two claims on the same page?

Investigate the validity of the claims...is the first one valid, and if so, how could the second?

Note: Do a Google search on "Carnation Ormsby"...you will find that the cow existed and she was famous in the 1940s!