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Piling Up the OREO's

Some interesting facts:

  • The OREO was introduced in 1912, along with two other styles: Veronese and Mother Goose biscuits.
  • The OREO took its name from the Greek word for "mound."
  • New Jersey grocer S.C. Thuesen was the first person to buy a tin of oreo cookies....On March 6, 1912.
  • The oreo has been embossed in three ways: (1) hand-drawn script for "OREO," (2) a ring of laurels, two turtledoves and a mechanical OREO, and (3) the current design, created in 1952 supposedly by Bill Turnier who had worked with the company since 1923.
  • The diagram shows part of the blueprint created by Turnier...all that is missing is his notation that an OREO is 7/16 inches wide.
  • Twelve billion OREO cookies are produced each year, with 491 billion sold worldwide since 1912
Your Task: Validate or disprove these two claims:
  1. If one year's production of OREO's were stacked ontop of each other, they would reach to the moon. If not, how many year's production is needed?
  2. If the 491 billion OREO;s were arranged tightly on the earth's surface (assume no elevation changes or problems with water "dunking", etc.), they would cover the entire surface of the earth. If not, how many more year's production is needed?

    Source: Adapted from Ripley's Believe It or Not! Encyclopedia of the Bizarre, 2002, p. 54