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The Race Is On....Get Ready, Set, Go!

Consider these "maximum" speeds for certain animals:

  • 60 mph for a cheetah
  • 44 mph for a horse
  • 242 mph for a Peregine falcon
  • 35 mph for a rabbit
  • 30 mph for a cat
  • 25 mph for an elephant
  • 43 mph for a coyote
  • 0.17 mph for a tortoise
  • 0.03 mph for a snail
Suppose they will all participate in a 100-yard dash. But, you want it to be fair, with all of the animals finishing at the same time....with the fastest animal (Peregine falcon) being at the starting line.

Task #1: Explain where each animal should be placed (i.e. viewed as headstarts for the slower animals) to achieve this "same finishing time" race.

Task #2: If you were going to join in the race as well, where should you be placed?

Source: Adapted from Hubbard & Robinson's Intermediate Algebra, 1999, p. 168