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Eat While You Test Statistics

Statistics seem to be used for anything...and if they include percentages, you tend to accept them as being true!

For example, consider these percentage-based statistics related to our eating habits:

  • If you are eating mashed potatoes, you will eat 18% more if they are served on a white plate than on a red plate...Yet, if the food was spaghetti with marinara sauce, the reverse is true.
  • We consume 20% to 30% more food (e.g. chips, cookies, etc.) when eating it straight from a box or bag...which is why bulk snacks should be repackaged into small zip-top baggies.
  • If you put food on a plate in the kitchen and then move to eat it at a table, you will eat 20% less than if you first bring all of the food to the table and place it on plates there.
Your Task: Create experiments to test the validity of these percentages.

Source: Cooking Light, October 2012, p. 56