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Cost of a Super Bowl Ad

The Super Bowl occurs this weekend....an exciting time especially for those of us in the Seattle area! Yet, surveys have been done that show that more than half of the television audience tune in to see the Super Bowl ads.

And, these Super Bowl ads are thereby costly! Cosider the cost of a 30-second ad:

  • 1 Million Dollars in 1995
  • 2 Million Dollars in 2000
  • 4 Million Dollars in 2014
Question 1: What will be the cost in a future year, such as 2020?

Question 2: Does the cost of a 30-second ad rise linearly? Exponentially?

This chart (from BusinessWeek.com, 1/20/2014) may be helpful:

Also, B.B. (former student now teaching) converted this into a math lesson with his students. His comments: "As we are on the topic of exponents, we did a short discovery project on the regression of the super bowl ad costs as inspired by recent MathNexus updates. I made it my goal to find 3 years in the past that the students could use with their calculators to find an exponential regression that would nearly predict the ~4 million cost this year. Turns out most selections were a bad indicator, but if you want to "fix" the results 1988 1990 and 1992 were the best selections....All periods were able to come up with the correct prediction :) and a good estimate for 2030

Thanks for the enrichment!"