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A Dollar Here...Another Dollar There...

Accoding to Treasury Secretary John Snow, the United States debt limit currently is $8.18 trillion...and now needs to ask for another limit extension. In 2005, the limit was increased by $781 billion.

Question 1: If the debt limit is increased by the same amount this year, what percent increase is involved?

Question 2: Suppose the debt limit of $8.18 trillion was paid off by an anyomous benefactor. If arranged in a single stack, would the payoff reach from the earth to the moon if paid off in:

  • Pennies?
  • Nickels?
  • Dimes?
  • Quarters?
  • One Dollar Bills?
  • Five Dollar Bills?
  • Ten Dollar Bills?
  • Twenty Dollar Bills?
  • One Hundred Dollar Bills?
If a pile does reach to the moon, is there enough left to build a pile back to earth?