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He Must be One of My Former Seventh Graders!

Factoid: Every weekday, David Givens drives 372 miles round-trip takes 7 hours) while commuting from Mariposa (CA) to his job as an electrical engineer at Cisco Systems in San Jose.

Question 1: In the period of a year (assuming he commutes five days each week), how many times could Givens have driven roundtrip from San Francisco to New York?

Question 2: In the period of a year, how many days of Givens' life are spent commuting?

Question 3: In the period of a year, how much can Givens expect to spend on gas, knowing that he drives a 2005 Honda Accord that gets 30 mppg?

Question 4: Knowing that Givens just won $1000 for winning Midas Muffler's "Longest Commute Contest," what is the expected value (i.e. salary) per hour for his commute over the past year?

Source: Gary Richards' "Californian Wins Prize as Longest Commuter," Bellingham Herald, May 4, 2006