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Pop Tabs Revisited

To continue on the last week's theme of pop tabs, students and adults collect them throughout the United States. Both McDonalds and the Shriners offer special collection programs for the public, emphasizing the contribution aspects as monetary incentives for charities. The pop tabs are of value because they are made of a higher-grade metal than the aluminum can.

Since 1987, the Ronald MacDonald House Pop Tab Collection Program has collected more than 500 million tabs, generating more than $400,000. In turn, raising funds for their Hospitals for Children, the Shriners have collected enough pop tabs to generate more than $200,000.

Some interesting Pop Tab Measurement Equivalents are:

  • 1 inch = 1 pop tab
  • 1 meter = 40 pop tabs
  • 1 pound = 1,267 pop tabs
  • 1 mile = 63,360 pop tabs
  • 1,280 tabs = $0.45
Problem 1:What is the value of one mile of pop tabs?

Some additional trivia of interest:

  • Producing recycled aluminum uses 95% less energy than producing new aluminum.
  • An aluminum can is recyclable over and over and....
  • Americans use over 80 billion aluminum soda cans every year (does not include cans for alcholic beverages)
Problem 2: If the pop tabs for all of these soda cans were recycled, what would be the monetary value donated to a charity?

Problem 3:If these pop tabs were arranged in a straight line, would they reach across the United States? Around the world at the equator? From the earth to the moon?