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Marge Simpson, Move Over

A new Guinness record was set this week in Lima, Peru....the world's tallest beehive hairdo. The proud holder of the record is Peruvian hair stylist Amparo Jara, who created a combination of hair pieces reaching 1.80 meter high on Peruvian actress Susan Leon.

It took two weeks of preparation and ten hairstylists "to sculpt the do." Under Jara's instructions, the group braided 10 kilograms of different-coloured hair around a wire to gain some rigidity. Other elements included were a liter of hair dye, five cans of hair gel, 3000 hair clips, and a special needle/string to sew the hair to the structure.

Jara said she was inspired by the fashion of seventeenth century France. Despite the obvious presence of Marge Simpson, Jara claimed that her creation was "inspired by Madame Recamier (celebrated 19th century Frenchwoman), who was like Madame Pompadour (referring to courtesan...of France) who lived in the 17th century. In that period, they used hair pieces as we do in our fashion today (Monday), so I've been inspired by the fantasy of that period."

Some Questions:

  • How many feet high was the hair do?
  • At the least, how many pounds would you estimate to be the weight of the hair do?
  • Suppose that actress Leon was 5 foot 4 inches. Now,study the picture of Marge Simpson, perhaps even making some measurements. Using percentages/ratios of hair do to person's height, does this new record beat Marge's coif?
Final note: Another Guinness record was also set on this same date....but my better judgement keeps me from doing nothing more than mentioning it. Jon Sanford (Jackson, WI) has broken the record for the length of a single strand of hair on his arms...a whopping 4.1 inches. Jon claims that he "takes good care of his hair, washing it regularly and conditioning it occasionally."

Source: Associated Press, November 27, 2006