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Want a 4-Second Do?

Uma Jayakumar (Bombay, India) is known everywhere as the "One-minute beautician." Any idea what that means...or what Uma has done to earn that title?

In 2004, she set a record by creating a hairstyle in 30 seconds. Then, a year later in 2005, Uma broke her own record, creating a hairdo using a pin in just seven seconds. Her intent is to break this record by creating a hairstyle in 4 seconds.

Uma holds other Guinness records as well. For example, on July 30 of 2005, she created 66 hairstyles in a minute using only a single chopstick. By doing this, she shattered the record of of Spainís Marco Aldeni, who had created 25 hairstyles in a minute.

Some Questions to pursue:

  • Using either a linear or an exponential model, what do you predict will be Uma's record time in 2007?
  • Consider Uma's second record...how long does it take for her to create a hairstyle (assuming no time elapses in moving from customer to customer)?
  • Assuming Uma charges $40 per hairstyle, how much money could she make per hour? In a year at 40 hours per week?
And yes, in case you are wondering, fast-fingered Uma holds other Guinness records. For example, she can drape a silk sari in 11.02 seconds. Talk about precise measurements with a stop watch!

Source: Bombay's MetroLife, August 29, 2005