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More Burger Stories

Remember last week's Charity Burger, a nightmare for an upset stomach? Its total weight was 123 pounds when served! (NOTE: The picture on the right is of a 15-pound burger.)

Well, let's continue the discussion, by looking at some other items on Dennys Beer Barrel Pub's menu:

  • The 2-Pound Challenger at $15.95 (If you eat the burger in 1 hour, you get a free t-shirt, a certificate, and $8 back!)
  • The 3-Pound Super Challenger at $21.95 and a 1.5 hour time limit to eat it.
  • The 6-Pound Ye-Olde 96er at $35.95 and a 3 hour time limit to eat it.
  • The 15-Pound Belly Buster (pictured at right) at $49.95.
  • The 50-Pound Belly Bruiser at $179.95.
  • And the record-setting 123-Pound Charity Burger at $379.
Question #1: Build a graph of the burger prices, using the poundage as the independent variable. Is the pricing fair? Would you expect the Charity Burger to cost $379?

Question #2: The resturant offers no time limits for eating the 15-pound, the 50-pound, or the 80-pound burgers. What time limits would be reasonable given the other time limits?

Question #3: The Charity Burger is advertised as being appropriate as a buffet for 100 people. Based on that, what would be the appropriate number of eaters for each of the other burgers....or even a quarterpounder?