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The Burger Race for Food Fools

The past two weeks of this web site have focused on the large-size hamburgers being sold by Dennys Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, PA. The size of the hamburgers have ranged from 2-pounds up to 123 pounds!

It turns out that on Dennys Beer Barrel Pub is one of the "places-to-eat" for high-profile eaters. For example, competitive eaters from multi-states--Pennsylvania, Virginia and New Jersey--meet regularly at the restaurant to attempt eating the restaurant's other large burgers.

A prime target is the 2-pound Challenger (pictured above right). Anyone who consumes it in less than an hour recieves prizes (a t-shirt), recognition (a certificate), and money (half of the cost of the $15.95 burger back).

The current record holder is Ian Hickman (Sterling, VA), who devoured the 2-pound hamburger, with a total weight of approximately 5 pounds, in 14 minutes and 45 seconds. He beat the previous record, held by Daryl Teats (Woodland, PA), of 15 minutes (in 1993).

According to Dave Schoffner of the United Eaters of Pennsylvania, a competetive eating club, "Denny's is sort of our Mecca...We come here every year."

Question #1: How long should it take Ian Hickman to eat the 123 pound Charity Burger?

Question #2: If in an eating contest, how long of a head start should Ian Hickman give Daryl Teats if they are to both finish off the Charity Burger at the same time?