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Singultus Repeatititus

On January 23, 2007, fifteen-year-old Jennifer Mee (St. Petersburg, FL) started hiccupping during her first period science class. The hiccupping continued non-stop for 37 days.

Jennifer's hiccups occurred in short bursts at 50 hiccups a minute.

Question 1: How many times did Jennifer hiccup in the 37-days?

The Guiness Book of World Records claims that Charles Osborne hiccuped for 68 consecutive years. The hiccups started when he was 29 years old, and stopped the year before he died at age 98.

Question 2: Noting that his hiccupping rate was only 40 times per minute, how many times did he hiccup in the 68 years?

Note: The medical term for "hiccup" is "singultus," which originates from the Latin "singult," which translates roughly as "the act of catching one's breath while sobbing."

Source: Partially from Bellingham Herald, March 28, 2007