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The Good Old Days.....Are Often Never Known

The first Corn Husking National Championship Contest was held December 1, 1924, on a farm near Alleman, Iowa. There were six contestants. The winner was Fred Stanek of Webster County, Iowa. He husked a total of 1,891 pounds of corn (in husk), netting 1,705 pounds of corn, or 24.3 bushels, in 80 minutes.

This contest (photo is from 1939) is still held today for contestants in many different categories. The object of the contest is to determine the contestant who can both husk into a wagon the largest amount of ear corn direct from standing corn stalk in a field and at the same time, remove all of the husk from the ears.

Some results from the year 2006 are:

  • Men's Open: Mitchel Burns (MO) husked 546 pounds of corn (in husk), netting 532 pounds of corn, in 30 minutes
  • Women's Open: Rochelle Meyers (MO) husked 307 pounds of corn (in husk), netting 275 pounds of corn, in 20 minutes
  • Men's Age 75 and Up: Tony Klassssen (NE) husked 145 pounds of corn (in husk), netting 139 pounds of corn in 10 minutes
Question 1: Would Fred Stanek win the contest today? Justify.

Question 2: What are the rates (net pounds of corn per minute) for all four contestants?