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Balanced Assessment: Possible?

For ten years (1993 to 2003), the Balanced Assessment in Mathematics Program was operated by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. During this time, the project had two objectives: (1) organize and develop an extensive collection of mathematics assessment tasks (innovative?) for grades K to 12, and (2) educate classroom teachers and administrators in the use of these assessments with their students.

Though the project has ended, the end result is a library of more than 300 mathematics assessment tasks, all offered at no cost to mathematics teachers through the project's web site. The tasks are accessible either by name and via a sort by grade bands (you might also try their list of favorites). Finally, you can order a printed copy of the solutions and scoring rubric for each task.

Once you have browsed through some of the assessment items, you should read the associated project reports (again free via the web site) that discuss the project's approach to mathematics assessment (i.e. what does "balanced assessment" mean?). These reports also discuss the project's "distinctive objects x actions scoring system."

Give the web site a try, as it offers some interesting assessment items!