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How Would You Define Algebra for a Young Student?

In a past "issue" of the weekly content for this web site, I reviewed a web site that defines mathematical terms and a mathematics dictionary. It is time to focus on an on-line dictionary that young students might use.

In this light, Jenny Ether, an Australian K-6 teacher, has produced A Maths Dictionary for Kids. It is colorful, useful, and interactive...i.e. involves Flash animation. You will have to explain the use of the British-term "maths" for "math" or even "mathematics."

BUT, beware that you may have to do some supplementing and correcting. For example, the given definition of "algebra" is "an area of maths where numbers are represented by letters." Now, to me, that is too simplistic as algebra is much more, which is why we now focus on "algebraic thinking."

After done browsing the Dictionary, you might send your younger students to Jenny's other site Rainforest Math. It includes interactive mathematicvs activities for students up through grade 6...which sometimes means that high school students may benefit from them as well!

Thanks, Jenny!