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Review Those Test Blues Away....

It seems whichever way mathematics teachers and their students turn, they are facing a standardized test of some sort, whether it be the SAT for students or the PRAXIS or GRE exams for teachers. Some test-takers claim that practice helps improve scores. At the very least, practice may help get the potential test-taker used to the test format and nature of the questions asked.

The web site Test Prep Review may be useful to those searching for banks of test questions beyond those provided in review booklets. The site offers both descriptions and sample questions for about 70 different exams, including the ACT, PSAT, SAT, GRE, and PRAXIS.

The web site also offers information regarding test preparation, such as vocabulary issues, timing or pacing, test tips, test difficulty, and scoring rules. Be aware that the suggestions are extremely vague or overly general. And at times, the suggestions are contradictory. For example, when discussing Test Difficulty, the site claims that "Over time, low retention rates may cause a potential test taker to forget all of the relevant material" yet when discussing Achievement Potential, it cautions "donít feel intimidated if you have had a poor academic backing, because the test is developed with the intent to predict what you are capable of, rather than what you have learned in the past."

I find web sites such as these fun to explore....especially to browse through and see the type of mathematics questions asked on the various standardized exams. For example, from the CFRN practice exam, how would you respond to this question: "Using the rule of nines, what percentage of a patientís total body surface area is affected if he/she is burned on one arm, the chest and abdomen, the neck, and the head? a) 5% b) 36% c) 37% d) 45% e) 64%. It makes one wonder what the "rule of nines" is....and how one is to estimate such an answer....and what would one's body look like uif the answer was 5%!