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Jim Reed's A Winner!

The world of mathematics education is lucky... because so many quality mathematics teachers share their neat ideas, at conferences, in journals, and on the internet. An example is Jim Reed, who works for the Argyll Home Education Centre (part of Edmonton Public Schools in Alberta). A mathematics/science teacher for 32 years, he now coordinates courses in secondary mathematics and computer science.

But you ask...why is Jim Reed special? His special talent is using Flash to develop on-line learning and teaching tools specific to mathematics. You can access and use some of Jim Reed's interactive learning tools on his home page at the Argyll Center.

On this page, he divides his mathematics resources into the four strands: number, patterns and relations (i.e. algebraic thinking), shape and space, and statistics and probability. Each resource is interactive, and could easily be used in multiple ways--for classroom demonstrations, for student investigations, and for review purposes. The range of mathematics content seems to be grades 7-10.

And, before you leave Jim Reed's web site, take a look at some of the other things he offers. First, you might find his Flashcards and Matching Puzzles useful in helping students learn mathematics vocabulary. Second, he offers links to a great number of other mathematics-related web sites...they should keep you busy for many rain storms.