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A New Puzzle To Start Your Day...

Looking for some additional resources with interesting puzzles involving logic and reasoning with mathematics. Then read on....

Consider the web site Free Puzzles, which claims to offer 1000+ puzzles, with 255 of them posted. Designed and implemented by Jimmie Dean, the president of Object Link Technology, the web site is meant "to promote the Internet usage by providing valuable contents to educators and young fellows [sic?]. The original purposes were educational, recreational and non-profit. The target audience are teachers, faculty and students."

The puzzle categories are geometry, logic, math (I always thought geometry was a part of math?), miscellaneous, weight, and moves. Also, the puzzles are categorized according to five difficulty levels ranging from "junior" to "extremely difficult."

I felt that the web site's "knowledge base," though intended to help the puzzle solver, fell far short of what could be done via scaffolding. Nonetheless, many of the puzzles include "hints."

The web site also offers six games that are quite standard, but are still fun and will motivate students further because they are on-line. And, some links to other puzzle resources are included for those who need more (i.e. most mathematics teachers and their students).

Oh...I forgot to add...to get solutions to the posed puzzles, you need to register as a member...Its Free!