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History of Female Mathematicians

The best web site for finding information about the history of mathematics?...The usual recommendation is The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive. But, if you want to focus on Female Mathematicians, a good complementary website is Agnes Scott College's Biographies of Women Mathematicians.

Part of an on-going project involving students at Agnes Scott College (Atlanta, GA), the website offers a wide range of biographical essays on the women mathematicians, as well as additional resources about women in mathematics. On the Home page, you can find search mechanisms for female mathematicians by alphabetic order, chronological order, or even by places of birth. The Home page also includes a list of female mathematicians born on that day as well as recent news items related to females doing mathematics with success.

Be sure to check out the Resources section, which is probably the most comprehensive list of links and text resources related to female mathematicians. If an applicable resource exists, they seem to have it listed.

Because the website is an on-going project, they welcome the submission of biographical information or essays on female mathematicians.