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A Diet of Baseball Data To Meet Every Statistics Appetite

The Resources for this week are texts that focus on the statistical side of baseball. Thus, it is only appropriate that complementary web sites be reviewed as well.

In addition to gathering statistics yourself via local baseball games or attendance at a professional game, these web sites provide a ton of data (and some interesting formulas):

  • Start with Wikipedia's overview of Baseball Statistics, as it has a great reference list of terminology regarding the various statistics categories, as well as links to articles providing more information as needed
  • Baseball Stats 101 provides links to formulas and statistics that are "commonly used and often forgotten," including some useful spreadsheets
  • Baseball-Reference.com is a primary source of baseball data that can be analyzed in many different ways
  • Sean Lehman's Baseball Archive is one of my personal favorites, as it provides a downloadable database (current through 2007) plus tons of other tidbits
  • Similarily, Baseball-Statistics.com provides an on-line database of player statistics from 1876 to 1999
  • And finally, some other websites (possibly with a cost) to explore are The Baseball Cube, Baseball Prospectus, and Stats.
Despite your varying penchant for playing with baseball statistics, always remember Jimmy Breslin's caution: "Baseball isn't statistics, it's Joe DiMaggio rounding second base."