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Who Is Kate Okikiolu...
and What Important History Does She Represent?

How many mathematicians can you name, alive or deceased? Hopefully quite a few, especially if you peruse the "Math Person of the Week" portion of this website. But, how many on your list of names are Black mathematicians?

Perhaps the best web site for finding information about Black mathematicians, both current and past, is Dr. Harel Barzilai's website on Black Mathematicians: A Celebration of African and African-American Mathematical Achievements.

The website offers a wide range of material concerning Black mathematicians, such as links to web resources, bibleographies of articles and books (both in print and on-line), and recreational games. Be sure to check out the links on "From Mathematicians of the African Diaspora," "Black Women in Mathematics," and the works of Claudia Zaslavsky.

The website seems to be an on-going project, so you might visit it often.

Note: In 1997, Kate Okikiolu (in picture) won a Sloan Research Fellowship, becoming the first Black mathematician to win this prestigious award. She is now a mathematics professor at the University of California at San Diego, with her current research focusing on the area of spectral geometry.