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As mentioned in the Resource review for this week, you can purchase DVDs of the past three seasons of the CBS television show NUMB3RS. But, there must be more that you can do than just watch the show and think about the merits of the use of mathematics in these shows?

For four years, CBS, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and Texas Instruments (TI) partnered in the support of the NUMB3RS as a way to get students involved in mathematics. Although this partnership no longer exists, the previous efforts did include the development of weekly activities for each NUMB3RS episode in seasons one through four. These activities are still available at no cost through the WeAllUseMathEveryday.com archive, with each including activities and suggestions on how to help students explore the mathematical concepts in a NUMB3RS episode.

A new alternative is a set of materials developed by Wolfram, called The Math Behind NUMBeRS website. The site includes the "original math notes" for each episode, along with routines (playable through the free Wolfram Mathematica Player) that allow students to interact directly with the mathematics involved.