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The Big Move: 9-12 to 13-14

A continuing concern is improving the transition of students studying high school mathematics to becoming students studying college-level mathematics. The transition should not be abrupt, not a surprise, and not impossible.

In Washington State, the Transition Math Project has focused on this problem. In turn, their web site offers much information for others interested in overcoming "poor transitions."

When browsing their project website, look for these things:

  • Help for Parents, including tips, a useful brochure, and some related links
  • 2-page brochure Planning 4 Math Success: 4 Ways to Figure It Out (available as pdf or by mail)
  • Links to websites of other organizations that "have embraced the need to raise math expectations, improve math performance and better connect the K-12 and postsecondary education systems."
  • The Resource Section, which has a lot of useful information related to implementing standards-based education in mathematics
  • Descriptions of Phase II-funded partnerships--especially their activities and their resources. for example, one of the resources that the Whatcom County Math Project offers is a set 3 downloadable posters that should be on the walls of every mathematics classroom in every high school.
The above list is just a sample....much more exists: data, news articles, policy issues, standrads, and a historical perspective.